be diligent…

No matter how challenging is the environment, you see "living beings". As such, never give up and be diligent .

No matter how challenging is the environment, you see “living beings”. As such, never give up and be diligent .

Today, We are discussed about yoga exercise among friends, one of my friend, aged about 30 years old, she shown me that she can’t even touch the floor with hand when she bend her body. I mentioned to her, I faced the same situation many years back before I started the journey of yoga.

I can recall well during my first yoga class that my body was shaking, extremely poor balancing , I felt the pain over body and almost fall down during a “tree posture”. When I looked at my others yoga mates, they did the yoga pose gracefully, peacefully and so relaxed. My teacher shared with us, “Listen to your body and do your best. No need to compete with others. Be diligence, practice daily, even though, you are only improve slightly, however, in a long run, you’ll notice your improvement and how flexible, relaxing and peaceful you are. Most important, continue your daily practice.”

I am grateful that I’ve met up a group of great teachers and gave profound teaching. I continuously on my daily practice in every morning. After 5 years from my 1st yoga class, I noticed the changes and transformation on my balancing, body flexibility and most important a great session of yoga practice is equivalent like a good meditation practice. How great that we can experience the unification of body and mind!

Never underestimate on your potential, practice make perfect, as such, be diligent in whatever you are doing. You can definitely see a “new” you after sometimes. Don’t give up when you are unable to experience the changes in short-term.

Its apply the same when you change to a new diet, from my personal experience, Our family changed to vegetarian diet about 5 years ago. Previously, My sister was facing flu quite often and slight body pain, she recovered fully after changed of diet. The result is not immediate. Don’t give in half way, you might be just one step from reaching your goal.





3 responses to “be diligent…

  1. Thanks for these positive, encouraging words; and these words do encourage positive attitudes: words including “Don’t give in half way, you might be just one step from reaching your goal.”

    I think do the right things, do things right, let the nature take its cause and feel at ease with any results might be what your words imply.

    It seems feeling right when mind and body are together.

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