Little plant, great wisdom!

I love to do gardening. It’s very relaxing to get in touch with soil, to learn a lot of life lessons through gardening. I enjoyed very much on serenity and peaceful when I am doing my gardening. The unification of body and mind, I am alert when there is other thoughts arisen in my mind.  What I need to do is to sow seeds, to water it daily, to give organic compost and enjoy the growing process.

Sometimes, we might think we can reap the fruits after we sow the seeds, in reality, this is not necessary. All leaves might eaten by insect friends, the plant might died off as too much rain or weather too hot, infection from disease, the plant might not even bear fruits and also no flower blossom and others. It’s similar to our life, we can plan for everything, yet in reality it might not happen. How do we react? Are we sad? frustrated? disappointed? angry? Blame others? give-up?

Do our best, enjoying the process and accept the result whether it good or bad.  Never let the result affect your emotional. No matter, good or bad, it shall pass, everything is impermanent.

A pot of plant, a pot of love and wisdom!

A pot of plant, a pot of love and wisdom!

I love to giveaway little plant to my friends as little gift. A small step to bring them to get in touch with nature, to learn and understand the life lessons. Some of my friends shared with me that, ” Wow! We are happy to see the new leave from plant. So alive!” “Why the leave suddenly turned to yellow?” “Why not remain evergreen?”

A series of life questions to lead them to understand “impermanence of life.” Nothing remain the same forever. It shown the best on “Birth”, “Sick”, “Aging” and “Dying”…




4 responses to “Little plant, great wisdom!

  1. Hi, I accept your mentioned thought of “Do our best, enjoying the process and accept the result whether it good or bad. “, while in many real world situations, bad results could get one the failure rating. I once told my tennis friend that I accept the idea of that “The entire human race being erased from earth is Ok.” He disagrees, and I am sure my idea is definitely not politically (or mentally?) correct, right?

    I find it would be great that one can find the connection with soil, trees, flowers and every other things that one can see, hear, smell, taste, feel and reason; the connection would bring life to the next level.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi! Spend more time with nature, you can experience a great life lessons rather than just reading book. Be silent, stillness and you can realize more… With metta, Li Jiun

  2. I love that you have such a connection with nature. I love being outside and often my mother and I spend time gardening. Our garden is a small but lovely home for our insect and animal friends.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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