the beauty of meditation…

Some of us, we love to associate sitting posture for practice of meditation only. Once we see people cross leg in lotus posture, we are saying, “wow! he or she is practicing meditation.” Of course, this is the right saying however we are not doing meditation in sitting position only, we should continue our practice in any moment of life, whether walking, talking, laying down, exercising, working, chatting, gardening, eating and others. Your mind is always with your body.

I believe some of you might experience that when people are talking to us, our mind is running away and only body is remain on the spot. Sometimes, people might say they “dislike”, “don’t want” yet in their mind, “They wanted so much.”.  Most of us, in the name of time-saving, we love to do multitasking until we are not aware or mindful on what are we actually doing. Is it really time-saving?

How suffering to live when our body and mind is not unified. You are wasting a lot of energy and in long run, you might don’t even know “who are you?”, “what are you doing?”

Why not be mindful in anything we are doing and any moment of life? You are going to experience lightness and freedom in life.

This morning, I am practicing Chan meditation in movement in my garden. How relaxing! I am enjoying fresh air, peacefulness, greenery and also moving my body step by step in extremely slow motion. I am fully aware on my body and also my mind.  It’s a good session of meditation.

What a beautiful Red dragon fly!

What a beautiful Red dragon-fly!

After a good session of mind relaxing, your mind is sharper and see things more beautiful than usual.  Besides, you are more gentle, patience, peace and realize that you are the fountain of happiness.  You can feel you are more energetic and fully recharge. How wonderful!

I always recommending to learn and practice meditation to my friends as one step to take care of mental hygiene. It’s great to you and also benefit to others.





4 responses to “the beauty of meditation…

  1. Agree with your saying of the need for “… fully aware on my body and also my mind”. I have a friend always having the TV on and still pays at least 80% of “the mind” to the screen during my often short visit; thus I choose to leave earlier than what an effective friendly visit warrants. I am not sure about whether my friend is or isn’t as your mentioning “… aware or mindful on what are we actually doing.” I can only be with those who are with me, right?

    • Yup, you are right! To have effective communication, pls treat the person in front of you is the most important. Don’t ever do multitasking! Cheers!

  2. The nice thing is that stillness is something that can be cultivated in all areas at all times by diligent spiritual practice. Meditation is a lovely way of achieving that!!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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