The power of accumulation…

Be still before you take your food

Be still before you take your food, to know what are you eating!

Recently, we are facing drainage blockage at home. My mum was quite good in handling this issue as she learned from her brother who was a plumber. She removed all dirt which block the pipe and she discovered majority were oil and also left behind of super fine coffee powder during we wash our cup. We don’t notice that all this little things will block the pipe and we underestimate the power of “accumulative”.

This incident made me to further contemplate that the food we take-in everyday. Some of my friends, they don’t even put any emphasize on the consumption of food, they will eat whatever food irrelevant whether it bring harm or dangerous to our body. It’s so convenience for us to access online, we can’t give excuses like  “We don’t know or we are unaware at all.” Once you search online, you get to know all information about intake of nutrition. Don’t be ignorant and also lazy.  Most important, don’t be regret later once you are sick.

When we are young, even tough we continue to feed “poison” to our body, we might able to tolerance for a little while. As such, sometimes people might say ” I live well even though I ate junk and poor nutrition.” Just think about the blockage in water pipe, it’ll “block” and your body will collapse after accumulating too much poison.

Some of my friend, in the name of “saving”, they cut the budget of “food” instead of other “unnecessary things” like clothes, (even they own many), gadget, handbag, cosmetics and others. Why are we put more priority to material stuffs instead of our own body?

Your health is the greatest wealth in your life.  When you are healthy, you can do so much things you love and help many people. Last week, when I had high fever, The only thing I did was slept and rest. Count your blessing when you are enjoying good health. Let’s food be your medicine.

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