Let’s start the beautiful journey of “giving”…

The beautiful flowers are giving its fragrance to surrounding selflessly… How nice!

The beautiful flowers are giving its fragrance to surrounding … How nice!

Imagine, if you want to raise fund, are you going to get the donation from poor or rich people?

Some of us, we might approach rich people as they are more affordable and wealthy. They can give good donation amount and they can live well even after giving a donation. We are so compassion and understand the living conditions of poor people, they might not have any extra to donate and moreover whatever donation given by them might cause a burden to their life.

However, some of us, we might think differently that we can approach poor people as we hope they can also get a chance to generate good merits which might help to change and improve their life either now or coming life.

What do you think?

The best way is we can approach fund-raising to anyone either poor or rich, the most precious donation is the giving from the deep of your heart, your willingness to help, loving-kindness, compassion, relieve suffering of others, and you wish to see smiling faces from others. No matter how big or how small is your donation, it’s absolutely okay and its depend on your financial status. Even though, USD$ 1 also is a good start as you are willing to give your love, let go “I” and going for “us”. What a great start for the beautiful journey of kind virtues!

Sometimes, people might share with me that they are so shy to ask for donation. For my case, I am asking on behalf of the needy people and also give a chance to those who are willing to give and offer their help. My role is just like a little bridge who link up the giver and taker. How beautiful! And most important, to build “trust” within your community. As its involve money, to avoid misunderstanding and “doubt”, “gossip”, Whenever possible, I insisted to pass them the official receipt by charity home or monasteries. Sometimes, situation not permitted, I’ll make a simple report with photos and total donation amount for sharing.

Before I start any charity fund-raising project, I’ll do homework to understand the background and actual need of home and people and whether the claim is genuine. We need to balance our compassion and also wisdom. I might mislead others if I just do it blindly.

Don’t be discouraged if people say “No”. Let’s continue our effort on sharing the beauty of “giving”, the beauty of seeing “smiling” faces..

Join us in the journey of “giving”…and start our “good merits saving” in the invisible “infinity treasure bank”.


9 responses to “Let’s start the beautiful journey of “giving”…

  1. This is great 🙂

    I think many feel embarrassed to engage with fund raisers when they have no intention of giving. Little do they realise that fundraisers do not want to fleece the public.

    First and foremost they welcome engagement from the public as well as to raise awareness and if the situation permits, then they would welcome a donation.

    Even if I have no time or money for a fundraiser, I always have a smile 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Sound great! Instead of say no to fundraiser, why not give them a big smile to encourage them to move forward to ease suffering of more people! Cheers!

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