blessed journey…

Be grateful when you see a blossom flowers. If you don't put priority, you might see a withered flower.. All depend on your will!

Be grateful when you see a blossom flowers. If you don’t put priority, you might see a withered flower.. All depend on your will!

Some of us, we might assume that it’s so easy to get opportunity to be volunteer, to donate money to build new monastery, to join puja, meditation class, chanting class and others. We even think that if we missed one of session, we can always join for the next session. Is it truth?

During my recent experience as a volunteer in the Samadhi Water repentance Ceremony, it deepen my understanding we must grab opportunity whenever any good thing we want to do and if we missed it, it might be the last chance in life. We started the Repentance ceremony at 9:00 am and end at 5:00 pm. During the 2nd day, one of the grandma arrived at the venue during lunch hour and she was non-stop crying as she told us that she can’t find her way. She started her journey in the morning and only able to reach at noon time. In normal time, only took her 30 minutes. She faced tremendous challenges to reach to the venue to continue her repentance chanting. She was able to make it as she was full of faith and determination. She felt blessed as she can make it.

Besides, Some of the participants and even volunteers, they also fall sick and they can’t attend for the ceremony. As such, Start your spiritual path while you are enjoying good health.

Give priority in arranging your time, not to be regret in death-bed later on why not I start the spiritual journey early? Always be grateful and blessed when you are able to be a volunteer and join any spiritual practice. You will never know when is your next chance if you missed it.

It might be your next life!






4 responses to “blessed journey…

  1. The prospect of death changes some people – except those who have embraced this existence to the fullest whose journey will occur much earlier.

    I think Heidigger was right in assuming that those who no longer fear death are the ones who live authentically, but I don’t think he really believed in his own thesis. Maybe, because he hadn’t lived his life to the fullest. He was a contributor to the Third Reich’s regime in Hitler’s Germany.

    Well, he might not have believed in his own thesis but I definitely do…

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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