Thoughts from a peaceful walk…

I love and give priority to spend time in nature. I love to do nothing and soak myself in nature, it’s like coming home, so peaceful and serenity. You are totally forgotten about yourself and all challenges you are facing in life. Enjoyment of total freedom in life!  Most important, there is so many beautiful lessons for you to learn when you are at now and in stillness. It’s so helpful and shine your surrounding with kindness and peacefulness when you apply what you’ve learned from nature.

Recently, I took a walk in beautiful private park which full of animal friends. I was happily spent my time by just observing and sharing my kindness to them. None of them are concerned about my “presence” and they were happily enjoyed their peaceful and relaxing life.

The lovely black swan was enjoying his sunbath. How relaxing!

The lovely black swan was enjoying his sunbathe. How relaxing!

It made me to think why should we own so much things in life to give so much unnecessary trouble to ourselves? Some of us might not even sleep well or sleep at night as too worry about our wealth. How wonderful if we can let go and just sit peacefully and enjoy freedom in life-like the black swan! Unfortunately, most of us can’t even sit quiet without make ourselves busy with gadget, talking, playing with phones, texting and others. Why not sit still and enjoy the beautiful of nature just for a minute? Why are you always in hurry?

How nice to see this 2 little beings were sharing the pool!

How nice to see this 2 little beings were sharing the big pool! 

Look at this beautiful photo, have you ever asked yourself “Are you willing to share whatever you own with others?” “Are you donating new clothes or used clothes to orphanage home?” “Are you giving away whatever you “don’t want”, “don’t use”to others?” “Are you willing to give your favorite “items” to others?” Sometimes, we might assume ourselves are “generous”, Is it truth?

Are you willing to giveaway whatever you’ve especially you love the most without any expectation?

I am touched when I see so may difference living beings live together harmony.

I am so touched when I see so many difference living beings live together harmony and they shown us the great example on sharing selflessly in this beautiful earth.

Let’s contemplate about us, the intelligent being,

“Why are we start war?,

“Why are we can’t accept differentiation in others?”

“Why are we forcing others to be same as us?”

“Why are we discriminate others due to skin color, race, religion, gender and others?”

“Why can’t we share this beautiful earth with all beings?”

“Why can’t we live peacefully with our animal friends?”

“Why can’t we share resources with all beings?”

Just imagine, how boring is the world if there is only “monotone”, open up your mind to accept all beings and live harmony with every being in this beautiful earth.





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