Little gem …

A great example to share is on Miss Mimi. We trained her to sleep at the cage at night since young. Now, Miss Mimi will automatically  go to cage when it's bed time. How great!

A great example to share is on Miss Mimi. We trained her to sleep at the cage at night since young. Now, Miss Mimi will automatically go to cage when it’s bed time. How great!

Some of my friends shared with me that it’s a big challenge to educate and teach  children nowadays. Some of the children are too pamper by their parent, whatever the children want, parent will do their best to fulfill and satisfy. Sometimes, you might even see in Asian countries, grand mother and mother are chasing little child to feed them for lunch or dinner. The little child is running like mad and go wild in the restaurant. Of course, the little child is treat like a little king or queen at home. How can all this little king or queen to overcome or accept any challenge in life? They are just like fresh strawberries, when they receive any pressure, it’ll collapsed immediately.

When you look at nature, if you want to bend branches or trunk of a tree or little plant, the best time to do is when it still small. Once its grow up, there is no chance at all. It’s apply the same to children. Please teach, share and guide them to be a good person when they are small. Don’t miss the golden time to cultivate good value to a little child.

How wonderful if you can bring up a child with kind virtues and happy heart as this is the best gift to the world. He or she will definitely shine happiness to surrounding and helping people to relieve from suffering.

Recently, When I was in the Samadhi Water Repentance ceremony, I am truly touched when I saw a parent brought 5 of their children to join the ceremony which held for 2 days. The youngest girl age about 6 or 7 years old.  The eldest boy age about 15 years old. They were so discipline and well-behaved, they can actually follow the whole ceremony from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. without any complain. I am very amazed with the little girl, she just sat outside alone while her parent was in the hall and all her brothers were at another zone. She never cry or make any noise, she even can follow the chanting.

How great if we can give a chance to our children to follow spiritual path since young. Of course, you need to lead by example. The proudest moment of  a parent is not how much money your children can earn, how great is their academy result, how clever they are……What is more important than bringing up a person with loving kindness,  wholesome action and always do good deeds?





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