Serve selflessly and bring fragrance to our surrounding...

Serve selflessly and bring fragrance to your surrounding…

Last few days, Sister and I were extremely busy involved in the volunteer work to be in-charge of the registration of  Samadhi Water Repentance Ceremony. We’ve learned so much for taking up this role. Some of us, we might think that registration only to mark attendance during event day. In reality, it’s not and it involve a lot of detail planning and massive co-ordination with all parties on the total attendance list, movement and arrangement of volunteer team to ensure we can give the best service to all participants and let them to start with a peaceful mind before joining the ceremony.

This is the great moment to learn and have deepen understanding on the “impermanence”. Everything changed in any moment of time. The simple thing like compilation of master registration list, it’s quite a challenge to accomplish as the total of attendance are keep changing even the night before event day. We need to keep update the list and also make necessary seating arrangement with another group of volunteer.

During the event day, a lot of ad-hoc request from participants, we were so grateful to all this addition requests and ad-hoc incident as this was the big test on how patient we are, how willing are we to serve others and how deeply we can understand on “impermanence of life”.

Besides, How important to have good communication and work closely with volunteer team to ensure everything run smoothly and most important to give a peaceful and serenity to everyone who attend for the ceremony.

One of the biggest challenge is most of the volunteers, we rest very less during the past few days as we need to do the set-up and manage the total event. Our body was very exhausted and tired, however we can serve selflessly due to our faith to give the best to serve others. Some of us, we might think we are serving others and others might gain the most benefit from our action. Is it truth?

Let’s contemplate. You are the one who gain the most benefit, you are getting a chance to serve other selflessly without anything in return and continue your spiritual practice to give and to bring happiness to others. You are the happiest person when your surrounding is full of peace, serenity, positive energy, wholesome thoughts and happiness. How precious to get an opportunity to serve others and how grateful we are to all participants to join the water repentance ceremony. Just imagine, without participants, no one we can serve and no ceremony can be held.

Do grab the opportunity to be volunteer. It’s a great test for you to know how’s your spiritual practice whether progressing or stagnant or regressing…

You know the best answer! Be diligent in your spiritual path. Any moment is a great moment to learn and progress.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” By Gandhi










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