You are just like a little flower…

Have you ever notice a little flower at roadside?

Have you ever notice a little flower at roadside? It can survive well even though with a bit of soil.

How important that we can learn from little flower? Even though, it’s so tiny yet it blossom well irrelevant whether anyone notice on it.

Think about it, how wonderful if we can apply this lesson to our life, no matter how small job we are handling, we’ll give 100% and do our best. Give everything we have and do it willingly, not because of credit, compliment or being monitored by others. Do it with passion and give your full hearted. You can make a difference in your life and gradually influenced others.

Sometimes, you might hear people saying that”Even though, I am willing to make a change, yet others refuse to do anything, why should I?” How can we be successful?” e.g. To practice the 5 R in our daily life, to follow the traffic regulations, to perform good deeds…..

If you ever come across of this thought or people surrounding you keep sharing this thought to you, do remind them on the little flower. You can blossom beautifully and bring positive changes to your environment. Any moment of life is full of changes, nothing is permanent.

Start from yourself to do right and good things in life. Don’t wait for others, you might miss the good timing or you are no longer around for tomorrow. Do the right things NOW!

You are not alone! You are just like the little flower, blossom beautifully even though in most challenges environment! Be positive!








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