life lessons…

Enjoy beautiful life lessons! Be here and at now!

Enjoy beautiful life lessons! Be here and at now!

Whenever my friends are so stress and tension, normally I’ll share with them to get a session of good body massage to relax the their body. Once our body is not so tense, we can feel the lightness in our heart and mind too. After a good massage, most probably you can enjoy a good night sleep. When you get enough and deep sleep, you are able to transform your energy from negative to positive. You feel good  and you are more confident on yourself!

Every week, I’ll take a good session of massage, normally I take difference type of massage, from foot, half body, body (aromatherapy, Thai Traditional massage or Thai Herbal massage). It’s a great way to relax and also to release toxin from body especially on the Thai Traditional massage, so much stretching and you are actually exercising many nerves and muscle in your body. You might feel pain during the massage yet after that you enjoy the lightness in your body. How wonderful!

I am impressed that the  masseur continuously to improve their skill and they take care even the tiny and little things to ensure you are comfortable and totally relax during the massage. It’s great that we can apply the same in our life, continuously to improve ourselves and always look at the angle of others, “How can we continuously to bring happiness and benefit to others?”

We can learn our life lessons anytime and anywhere. Most important, you must be at Now if not there is no chance for you to hear, to see and to understand.

I heard one of the TV interview, the host asked a well-known singer, “Are you bored after singing the same song for many times?” The singer answered: ” Every time, when I sing the same song, I treat as “First time” in my life.” What a great answer!” Treat everyday is a new day, treat the same repeated work either office or house work like “fresh”, treat everyone you know like the first day you know them….

Take a try, look at what is going to happen in your life!

Life is beautiful and you can learn so much from “life experience”.

Enjoy your life journey!







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  1. Please continue to share your many good thoughts. I always feel refreshed and happier when reading your words. Thanks so much.

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