Why not start early?

Why not start early to understand the truth in life?

Why not start early to understand the truth in life?

We are ignorance for whatever thing that we can’t see.  Some of us, we might even doubt on existence of whatever we can’t see. We never put attention and focus on things that we can’t see.

When my friend asked me, “Why are you bought so many sets of air purifier at home?” My answer was simple, ” It can help to purify and enjoy clean air. How crucial to have clean air for breathing and how important to take care of our lung. Imagine, if you don’t breath for a second, you might say goodbye to this beautiful earth.”

The next questions were “What is the obvious change in your life by using air purifier?” My answer was “Look at the dust that you clean up every time. Just imagine, if you not using the air purifier, all dust will go direct to your lung. How horrible!”

Moreover, indoor air might be more toxin and more polluted than outdoor air.

However, people might doubt on you and they never think this is necessity until there is haze attack. People will rush to buy air purifier as they can sense the danger of dirty and toxin air which can harm and jeopardize their health.

It’s almost similar to our spiritual practice, when everything goes smooth, we will never put priority and when things go wrong, immediately we will focus on our practice. Why not be diligent and continue our practice whether things go right or wrong?



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