Even though, we’ve planted more than 10 winter and hairy melon plants in our garden, our intention are to get fruits and at the same time can also provide food to our insect friends, like bees, butterflies, ants and others.

The solo female flower...

The solo female flower…

This morning, when I took a walk in garden, I am a bit sad as I only see one female melon flower and there is no male melon flower even though we’ve so many melon plants in garden. Most probably, it might be affected by the current weather condition. There is no hope to get the melon fruit as no pollinating and most important no food to our best friends like bees and butterflies. We are fine as we can take other food and for bees, they are depending on “nectar” as food.

Recently, I read a good book, written by a Korean Monk. One of the paragraph touched my heart and I hope it will touch “our” heart too. The master mentioned that he felt so sad when he saw all persimmon fruits being plucked from trees during winter month and there was nothing left behind for our animal friends like birds. How can this little birds survive for the cold and chill winter? There is no food for them at all. As a human, we can take other food to sustain our life.

Are you doing the same when you are harvesting? Are you leave behind something for other beings as main food to survive? Do you need so much in life?

Why are we taking everything? Have you ever figure out “Why”?

Simple answer, It’s related to “I”, “Me”, “Mine”, we want “ALL”, we are being push by our “greed” and “selfishness”. We forgot about “us”.

Always remind ourselves that we are sharing this beautiful earth with full of resources and let’s share this resources with all beings. Nothing is belong to you only. If yes, just look around the cemeteries, what can you bring after you say “bye”? Can you bring all your wealth to your graveyard?

Instead of only thinking about leaving behind huge wealth to your family members, why not share with others too? Why not see “us” when we make any decision? Why not thinking about bringing happiness to all beings instead of only “I”, “me”, “mine” and also anything related to “I”, “me”, “mine” ?







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  1. I’ve read your blog posts for several years now. I just want to thank you for sharing your thoughts on life.

    • Thanks for your great support! Great you spend time to read and also gave your positive message. May you be well and happy! Cheers!

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