Happy Reading!

My little gem and little paradise  at home with lovely plant and also good books like good nutrient to mind.

My little gem and little paradise at home, my lovely plant together with book shelf…So refreshing and peace!  Good books like good nutrient to mind. Happy reading!

Recently, when I went to a major book fair, it was truly amazing that so many people there together with their family members, children or friends. It was hardly to move around in the exhibition hall as too crowded. I am truly happy to see a happy reading community and also parent who were accompanied their children to get good books.

Reading is important in life. However, you must read good books which can benefit to you and others. The more time you spend on reading, the more fulfilling and you enjoy happy and peaceful moment in life. Besides, you can share your knowledge and happiness with people whenever they need it. How wonderful!

Do you love reading?

I love reading and it was the blissful moment in life. I enjoy the stillness, peaceful and my mind is like the fountain of joy. This morning, when I look at my book rack, it was full and I made a rough estimation, I might have about 1,000 books, inclusive of e-books. Without realization, I’ve read more than 1,000 books, it became a habit and built-in DNA. Along the year, I can notice improvement in reading, I am actually practicing mindfulness in  reading as such I can finish reading a book in short period and I can remember the content of the book.

When you are not mindful, your thought keep shifting to future and past, there is no way for you to enjoy the happiness  and also remember the content.

I always share and encourage people to pick up reading as habit, it’s so great to read about experiences and advice from authors which can save so much of our time to avoid the same error in life.

Why not pick up reading good books as your hobby and put priority?

Happy weekend and Happy reading!





2 responses to “Happy Reading!

  1. I went to an independent used book store a few days ago and I had such a good time. I bought several books. They even had a resident cat, something I haven’t seen for over 10 years. It is my new favorite place to shop. I don’t like eBooks though, I want the real thing!

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