Are you following Bodhisattva path?

Am I bringing smiles to others? Am I bring peace and happiness to others?

Am I bringing smiles to others? Am I bring peace and happiness to others?

It’s great that we can spend sometime to read the “Bodhisattva path” written by Master Sheng Yen. Do spend time, be still and contemplate about it. Are you following the Bodhisattva path?

“The process of maturing involves both leaving behind concern for your self and reorienting yourself to the benefit of other sentient beings. Then you will be ready to bear inconvenience, trouble, suffering, and vexation on others’ behalf. To save sentient beings from suffering, as Buddhists vow to do, requires that you give whatever is needed, time, money, or all your effort. When you give, it may seem that you lose something. A bodhisattva pays no attention to loss. It is the responsibility to other sentient beings that is important.

To voluntarily abandon your own benefit, to actively help and when necessary suffer for the sake of sentient beings is the correct attitude. When our actions in the interest of others are voluntary, our own suffering diminishes. It is when suffering and vexation are involuntary, that they are difficult to bear. Those on the bodhisattva path must disregard their own benefit, despite the discomfort this may bring. Even if the sentient beings we help do not express gratitude, we will have no regrets. This is wisdom and compassion, and way of a bodhisattva.”

“The Chan View of Life, Dharma Talk by Master Sheng Yen, Oct. 1993”

Recently, One of my friend shared with me that she went to holiday with a group of friends, a lot of incident happened along the journey and it made her to think deeper on her practice. One of the incident was some of her friends were strict vegetarian, there was a lot of challenges on arranging the pure vegetarian meal as the place they visited can’t get pure vegetarian diet but can order meat free meal. Her friends can’t accept meat free meal, so they spend most of their lunch and dinner on vegetarian instant noodle. Of course, her vegetarian friends felt all right as they were following their believe that to be compassion to animal friends. It was excellence practice yet they forgot about to apply their compassion to their lovely friend who was not a vegetarian. She was accompanied them to eat vegetarian instant noodle.

They might assumed  it’s nothing wrong and we never ask you to follow our diet but we don’t want to dine out as no pure vegetarian food. Of course, my friend can dine out but she was thinking it’s not nice to dump them in room and enjoyed instant noodle as they came in group. I applause for my friend on her good thought on others.

“Why are we causing suffering or botheration to other’s life because of our diet?”

This incident might happen to us too. Sometimes, we might think our action is right and we don’t realize it might caused suffering to others. As such, before we make any decision, do consider about others. Always ask yourself, “Am I bringing benefit to others?” or  “Am I bringing and causing suffering in others life?”

Always think from other’s perspective.

Let’s follow the Bodhisattva path… Bring benefits and happiness to others!





4 responses to “Are you following Bodhisattva path?

  1. What i love about this post is not the details, but the message, which is… we should question our actions even if we feel our actions are ‘pure’.Thank you.

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