Guide dog, on duty…


You are not alone… We are always here to help...

You are not alone in your path, we are always here for you! Let’s do our best to bring happiness to others!

Some of us, we might thinking to give donation is part of our charity aid to ease the suffering of others. Of course, this is a great way to practice generosity, let go and willing to share our wealth with others. Besides, monetary support, one of the easier way to support others is to be presence once there is any need. We are there to support, to give love and encouragement for others to continue to walk their path without fear and loneliness.

Recently, we read an article that guide dog. We are touched with the companionship of guide dog to help blind people on their daily life, the guide dog act as “eyes” to the blind people. Have you ever imagine how to live your life if you can’t see? You can do a simple test, close your eyes and walk in your house, the area you are most familiarize.

Just observe what will happen…

In such a situation, if someone can hold your hand and lead you the way, it can ease your suffering and bring convenience, peace and hopes in your life.

However, in our country, dogs are not allowed to access to public area like government department, restaurant, shopping mall, public transport and public area. Most of the times, they are being chased away. This is causing a lot suffering to blind people, they’ve lost their sight and now, they lost their “eyes” to walk their path. Some of us, we might assume guide dogs are pet and of course they are not.

Guide dog is the dog for sight, the best companion for blind people to walk their path with confidence. They are the dog on duty just like the dogs who are helping Police enforcement. Do give our support to guide dog whenever you see them on duty.

When we got to know the 1st guide dog, Lashawn in Malaysia and the writer will be at book fair to promote their 1st book on “A guided tour: Our lives with guide dogs”. We were there to give our support, this was the 1st time that we queue up to get autograph, to give confidence and support to them.  Let’s give our support and understanding to continue to appeal to authorities to allow guide dogs access to all public places, let them be the eyes to blind people.

A simple thing you can do now, like the facebook page:

Let’s the blind people to “See the world again” with their best companion.











4 responses to “Guide dog, on duty…

  1. Thank you for sharing this great post! It’s funny I came across your post today… I used to be a volunteer at a Guide Dogs for the Blind campus in my state and had the pleasure of learning and experiencing first hand what the organization contributes to society. Just this morning I secured an appointment to do a photo essay project on Guide Dogs! They truly are the most hard working dogs and it is a blessing we have these organizations in our society and I cannot wait to complete my project to share with all!

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