warning board…

Recently, I went to hot spring for a vacation. There is plenty of notice to give warning to us, “to be aware and mindful”…



The lake water seem like very peaceful, calm and harmless. However, its full of danger if we fall in, we might get ourselves burn. Some of us, we might be doubtful on whether is the water hot?  We want to try out even though there is a warning.

It make me to further contemplate about our action…

Sometimes, we might be too easily being pulled by our greed and we take unwholesome action. When you wanted something so much, you lost your mind and you might take wrong action like cheating, stealing and even bribery. You don’t care about cause and effect, moreover you totally forget about your practice.

Sometimes, when you are angry, you totally can’t control your emotion, you start to throw your temper and also open your big mouth to scold others. You forget about to bring happiness to other’s life instead of bringing suffering.

You might aware and understand clearly on animals get killed in order to provide meat to our meal. We understood on the pain yet we can’t overcome our strong desire to enjoy food. We are eating happily and sharing with each others on “how yummy is the food?” and totally forget about the suffering that our animal friends need to go through. Are we ignorant?

We might read through a lot of sutras, listen to many teaching, all this is like “the warning board” to cultivate good deeds and remove the seed of bad deeds. However, if we are still doubtful, we might put ourselves in danger just like ignore the hot spring warning board and jump straight to the hot spring to get ourselves burn and injured.

The best warning board is in your mind, you know what is the good or bad action…Be silent, be still before you take any action. Always bring happiness, peace and calm to you and others!









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