be like a hardworking farmer…

When I took a walk in my neighbor’s garden, this was what I saw…

It was full of grass and also weed.

It was full of grass and also weed.

Initially, the gardener spent a lot time to take care of the garden. It was a beautiful, neat and full of variety of plants. Recently, we seldom see the gardener working in the  garden, nobody remove weed, water the plant, putting fertilizer…. and see what happen to the beautiful garden. Its full of weed!

Look at the corn, all die off..

Look at the corn, all die off due to lack of care…

The nature always give a great reminder for whatever happen around us, to alway look inward and contemplate what can I learn.

When I look at the fast growing weed, it reminded us that we need to continuously to sow good seeds, be diligent in our practice and once we are lazy and not mindful, the speed of growing the bad seeds are extremely fast. As such, we must take care our mind like the hardworking farmer, always mindful and remove unwholesome thoughts in our mind. Give space and allow the growing of kind seeds.

” A heart filled with good seeds has no room for bad seeds.” How profound!

If you don’t continuously to water and give fertilizer to your good seeds, it might die off like the corn plant. Do enrich your life with kindness, compassion, peace, positive energy and also allow yourself be surrounded by all beautiful kind virtues.

Lets your good seeds blossom and share with your surrounding!

Make beautiful happen!



9 responses to “be like a hardworking farmer…

  1. I’ve noticed it’s easier to see weeds in other gardens. I accept my own as it is. That is, until some helpful friend helps me see where I may a few of my own weeds which could use my attention.

  2. This was so perfectly timed for my life! Thank you so much for sharing this simple message that often gets buried among the chatter of day to day life. Much love and peace! ❤

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