Be harmony. Live well.

I love to take a walk in nature. It’s the best moment in life to enjoy the serenity and peacefulness. You are able to calm your mind after a quiet walk. You are able to transform your negative energy to positive energy. You feel how liberate you are! You feel how alive you are! When your mind is clearer, your wisdom is growing. You can further understand the teaching of nature, it keep sharing the truth of life. If you are too busy, if you are not mindful, if your mind is shut, you hear and see nothing!

What do you think when you look at this photo?

What do you think when you look at this photo?

You might see green, vine, dry leaves, trees, plants, and you feel more calm and peace.

It shown us clearly on how important to live harmony with each others. Look clearly to the vine, it can growth bigger and taller through the support from others.

How harmony!

Are you willing to give your support to others? Look at the vine and the tree.

Why not be ever ready your helping hand? To help and support each others instead of to discriminate, to blame, to gossip, to boycott… Why not to love instead of to hate?

Just look around the nature, you can see the combination of so many types of plants, trees, living beings, grass, fern, mushroom and others. There can accept each others and live well.

Why can’t we accept and respect each others? Why are we forcing others to be like us, to follow our spiritual practice, to follow our way of living?

The forest become more beautiful with the variety plants. The earth become more beautiful with variety of all living beings and also nature.

Let’s learn our great lesson from nature.

Be harmony and live well!









2 responses to “Be harmony. Live well.

  1. Everyone who is so busy, can find the ten minutes in the day to visit and see something of nature, even in the largest of cities.

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