A gift of Dharma…

Wow! Amazing nature!

Wow! Amazing nature! 

Sis & I came back from the hot spring with total relaxation of body and mind. We are fully charge and regain our energy. Its excellence for body and mind to have deep rest when we did nothing, we didn’t carry our watch and mobile when we were outdoor. We just follow the natural call from our body, when time to eat, we eat, when time to sleep, we sleep, nothing much for us to rush, to worry, to plan, to stress… Life is so beautiful and we felt so light and enjoy liberation.

Great performance which touched the deepest of our heart. Repentance and purify our mind constantly.

Great performance which touched the deepest of our heart. Repentance and purify our mind constantly. 

Today, we gave ourselves another gift, the gift of Dharma to purify our mind. We went to join the “Deep Repentance, Dharma as water, Sutra Adaptation performance” We understood that Tzu Chi Malaysia has taken about a year to prepare the performance. We were so touched with the 4,600 volunteers willing take their time and also give priority to understand the Dharma and perform. They also observe vegetarian diet and constantly reflect and repent on their wrong doings, they are actually purify their body and mind.

Along the performance, I kept wiped my tears, it touched my heart dearly.

“Through repentance, we can find purity. True Repentance is to correct our wrong. We must eliminate and cleanse away each of our mistakes and bad habits.”

By Dharma Master Cheng Yen

Do give yourself a chance and priority to understand the gift of Dharma. A chance to repent your mistakes and wrong doing, purify your mind and make a vow that you are not going to repeat and also bring benefits to yourself and all beings!

We are blessed to watch the live performance, its like purifier to our life.

Gratitude to all volunteers for bring this happen.  May all beings have a chance to awaken from deep sleep!






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  1. Natural mineral springs are so soothing and rejuvenating! 🍓
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