Take a break!!!

Have you take a break lately?

After working hard for sometimes, We need to take a break to relax our body and mind. Some of us, we are so worried to take leave as we are thinking that the company operation  might not run well when we are away. As such, we are keep working until one day, we might collapse either our body, mind or both. Quite a number of times that I read that people just dying suddenly as overwork. Is it what we want in life?

After a good break, once you relax your body and mind, release all your stress and tension, you are going to be more productive and efficient to handle your job.

Sis & I took leave, we went for a hot spring retreat. It was fantastic.

We are surrounded by nature. So peace & calm!

We are surrounded by nature, the beautiful mountain, hotspring, trees, caves, bird singing, playful monkeys…. Amazing!

By just seating and do nothing, look at the water reflection. You are at serenity!

By just seating and do nothing, look at the water reflection. You are at peace and calm! You need nothing!

our villa…..

our villa…..So great that we can back to nature…

We are truly happy once we step in to the resort. Silence and Serenity!

We love green!  We love nature! We are HOME!

Besides, each villa is equipped with hot spring pool and small swimming pool. How wonderful! We can enjoy hot spring treatment in our room. We are truly happy like we are back to childhood that we can play water with fun and laughter.  We are blessed! We are contended!

Do take a break to relax your body and mind! You deserved it!





8 responses to “Take a break!!!

  1. Dear Lijiun,

    How are you? Btw where is this hot spring do they allows dog in?



    • Hi! Bro, Am great! Its Banjaran Hotspring retreat. Probably no to dog as no access of below 12 years old. Take care! With metta, Li Jiun

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