“Freshness” in life…

Miss Mimi is truly cute little being. She is adventurous and love to play games with us. We love to observe her reaction when she saw a new thing, normally she will use her little nose to smell it and follow by using her little hand to touch it. After carefully checking, then she’ll start playing. She is just behave like a little kid with curiosity in her mind.

Look at, so cute!

Look at, so cute!

Recently, we are letting her to play with a tissue box, she knew how to sequence herself in the tissue box. How lovely!

Think about it, most of us, we don’t dare to make changes in life, we are so worried to leave our comfort zone. And we hope that everything will remain the same. Gradually, we turn robotic life and follow our routine, then it became our habit. We might even forget about the purpose of life. In long-term, we are unable to accept impermanence in life. We are going to collapse once we face any challenges.

Life is full of adventurous. Explore it with open heart!

Be bold to make changes and experience the “freshness” in life.


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