happy bees…

This morning, I spent some time to look at how our lovely bees to get nectar from flowers. There are so much good values for us to learn and apply in life to bring happiness to others.

They start work early to get nectar from flowers…

They start work early to get nectar from flowers…

Little bees were gently to get the nectar from flowers, they never damage or destroy the flower after they get their food. By looking at this, some of us might feel ashamed that as an intelligent beings, we are destroying nature as we want More… more… more… Look at what we have done to our lovely mother of earth, how much damage that we bring in the name of ‘development”, in the name of “accumulative wealth”. Are we really need so much?

They live harmony and willing to share their food.

They live harmony and willing to share their food.

Just ask yourself a simple question, “Are you willing to share whatever you have?” Some of us, we love to spend our whole life to own things and hardly to share with others. We assume our wealth is belong to us and we want “more” in order to provide “security” to us.  Look at the happy bees, they treasure the spirit of sharing.

“Your property will remain when you die. Your friends and relatives will follow you up to your grave. But only the good or bad actions you have done during your lifetime will follow you beyond the grave.” How profound, do take time to contemplate.

They are so playful...

They are so playful…

The little bees were so playful and they’ve fun in collecting nectar. Are you actually enjoy your work? Are you have fun in your work? Why are you working? Only to get pay and support your family? Be passion in work, enjoy and have fun!!!

Remember to stop for a while and look at nature. There is so many good lessons for us to learn. The little bees are like us, they are working hard, they are having fun in work, they can also communicate with each others, they are sharing their food… even though they are in difference form. Love them and live harmony with them.

One of the reason we plant so many plants in our garden is to offer food to them, one of the way that we can share kindness and love to this little beings.




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