Think and React!

Always take a pause to think, then only react.

Always take a pause to think, then only react. Don’t based on your habit or past experience only. Everything is constant changing!

Some of us, we are not realizing that we might react to external environment based on our habit. We are so used to it until we don’t even think properly.

Based on my experience, I went to a hotel for dinner. In the past, I am quite frequent to visit the hotel and  I know well on the road direction. I exit from car park after dinner, I just turned left based on my past experience without think twice. To my surprise, why other cars were flash and honk? Suddenly, I realized that I was actually on the wrong direction. The traffic flow was changed several months ago and I didn’t aware.

Of course, I am blessed that I stayed calm and I can take immediate countermeasure to make a u-turn as low traffic during that time. Most important is my action not causing accident and also injuries to others.

The lesson I learned, Be mindful in any moment of life. Think and react, don’t based on your habit. It might cause us a heavy lesson.










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