What is LOVE?

Happy playing times of our 2 little beings…. They know well on how to express "LOVE"...

Happy playing times of our 2 little beings…. They know well on how to express “LOVE”…

Some of my friend shared with me that whenever they are working late,  their children will be waiting for them at door step. They might even hug their parent when they are home. Their children know how to express love to their dearest parent.

Some of them think that our animal friends will not share such a loving moment.

We are gratitude that Little Black and also Miss Mimi come to our life and this two little beings are actually our little teacher, they are teaching us about what is “Love”.

Whenever, I worked late, Little black will accompany my mom to wait for me at the door front. Both of them also will sit on the chairs next to windows. As such, they know once I am home. One of the night, my mom was a bit tired and she went to bed. Little Black was actually went in the room and try to wake my mom and “meow” to her that ” Wake up, mom. Let’s go and wait as one of our family not home yet.” My lovely mom shared with Little Black, ” Good boy! Mom is so tired, you help to go and wait ya!”

What happened was when I parked my car, I can see obviously a cat was actually sitting at home and waiting for me. This scene always touched and warm my heart, to us, they are our family members, they know how to love and care for us.

One of the evening, when I am doing total relaxation, I was actually laying on the floor and suddenly I felt like, my hair was being licking by Little Black, he was actually helping to groom my hair as one of his gesture of “loving” and treating us like  his good buddy. How lovely!!

Whenever, I look my 2 little beings, their behavior are totally the same as little children even though they are in different form, using different language and eating different food, however there is NO barrier on expressing “LOVE”. The universal language for all beings. Share your unconditional love like the love from mother to her only child to all beings. You are going to make a difference and transform your surrounding! Start from yourself!

“To him in whom love dwells, the whole world is One Family.” By Buddha





6 responses to “What is LOVE?

  1. Beautiful sharing, thank you. How wonderful the world would be if every human being learned to love, how beautiful life would be when every one we care about, around us, matter to us learned to express love. Than it will be no misunderstanding, no grudge, no barrier.

  2. Great post, couldn’t agree more that there is a special love with animals and those missing out on it or not allowing it it’s full expressions are most definitely missing out on something really special here in life 🙂

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