Happy weekend!

yeah.. I enjoy so much do nothing in life...

yeah.. I enjoy so much do nothing in life…

How do you spend time during weekend?

Are you rushing to do something?

Are you planning full itinerary for your weekend?

Are you busy to take a short break by traveling all over the places?

After the weekend, instead of recharge, you might feel more tiring and restless.

Have you ever think about it?

Why are you keep chasing?

What are you chasing for?

Why not take a break by do nothing? Just relax and recharge yourself.

How wonderful to enjoy the peaceful and calm moment after a hectic week!

Why not pamper yourself with serenity?

Some might even assume that if you are do nothing, it mean that you are lazy or you are not productive, you are not live life to fullness…

Is it true?

How important to give a moment of peace, a moment of stillness in your life!

Enjoy the blissful moment!

Take a try on do nothing! Feel the difference!

Happy weekend!






6 responses to “Happy weekend!

  1. What if you have some urgent work to do? I have no problem with doing absolutely nothing hehe, I have a problem with motivating myself on the weekend to do things 🙂 I love the weekend’s laziness 🙂

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