Bravo! Working mothers!

Bravo! Working mothers!

Bravo! Working mothers!

What time do you get home after working?

Normally, for people who are working in city, majority of them will reach home after 8 pm. Most of them are stuck in the heavy traffic and also heavy work load. Some might even get home after 9pm.

Imagine if you are reach home at 8pm, how do you manage your time? What time do you sleep? Say, you are sleeping at 11 pm. There is only 3 hours, you need to spend your time for dinner, shower, watching TV, playing with your children or pets, online, reading and other activities. You might hardly have any time for yourself, not even a peaceful moment.

I alway respect my friends who are the working mother. No matter how tired they are, when they reach home, immediately they will take care of their children. Some might even need to cook dinner for family. Once they finish their household chores, it might be after 11pm. The next morning, they need to get up early to prepare breakfast,  drop off their children to school or day care. Then, rush back to office and start a working day. I salute them for their contribution to family.

One of my friend shared with me that she is looking forward for weekend as she can spend her time with her little boy. She is a working mother, during weekdays she can hardly spend a lot of time with her little boy. She would like to give her priority during off-day with her little boy instead of hanging out with friends. She doesn’t want to miss out the growing process with her son.

My another friend sharing was her daughter’s performed poorly in study. Her little girl shared with my friend that “Mom, How nice if you can spend time to accompany and teach me in my homework. For sure, I can score better.” Immediately, my friend felt quilt as she can’t spend more time with her little girl as she need to work.

If your colleagues are working mom, always be empathy to them. Give your support!  Bravo to all working mothers!!!





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