You are so happy!!!

Keep smiling… No matter how much challenges you are facing in life!

Keep smiling… No matter how much challenges you are facing in life!

One of the most popular question that people love to ask me, ” You are so happy today.”
Any special reason or occasion?

My answer is simple, ” I am happy without any reason. This is my nature and DNA.”

I heard one of the story, A buddhist monk was together with his disciple in European countries. While they were waiting for subway, both of them were chatting and laughing happily. One of the European passenger was starred at them for some time. And Finally walked towards them, He asked: ” Are you a Buddhist monk?” The monk answered: “Yes, I am.” Then, he continued his question, “Why are you so happy? Suffering is the core teaching from Buddha. You are not supposed to be so happy”

A lot of people are thinking like the European Passenger, as a Buddhist practitioner, we must behave in such a pessimistic and might be in sad face. Is it true? Our great master, Buddha is showing us the path of relieving from suffering. The more you are able to let go like greed, anger and delusion, the more happy life you are enjoying. You are able to be at ease, peace and calm no matter how much challenges you are facing in life. You are able to smile big even though you are experience great challenge in life.

One of our main purpose is to bring happiness to our life and others and also to relieve suffering to other’s life. Let’s give our best blessing to all beings, “May all beings be well and happy.”

Remember to smile… You are the fountain of happiness! Cheers!


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