the past…

Start anew and let go your past! Live happily!

Start anew and let go your past! Live happily!

Obviously, Recently, one of my aunty stayed with us for a short while. My aunty is about 80 years old and she love to talk about the past.

One of the day, I heard she was talking with my mother for the stories of her childhood time, she can even talk about her life from one year old up to now… She love to spend time to talk about the past. Normally, My lovely mum will act as a good listener and rarely got chance to talk. What a kind act that I can learn from my lovely mum.

Besides, it’s a great reminder that we should let go our past and why are we carry so much baggage on our shoulder? Without realization, we are bringing so much invisible pressure and tension in our life.

I love to share with people a simple story, if you are preparing food to welcome your guests, are you prepare fresh food or food that you keep for a long time? I am sure you are going to serve the best food to your guests. Then, why are we serving spoiled food, like the “past” to our guests? What’s the meaning of keep talking about the past? Can you change your past? You can’t!!!

Why not talk about something which can bring more benefits to each others?

Imagine, if you are carrying heavy burden like stones at your back, can you walk fast?Obviously, You can’t. In reality, we love to keep collecting “stones” like whatever happen in the past, this will never bring peace and ease to your life. Why not throw away all your “stones”?

Enjoy ease and light moment in life!





4 responses to “the past…

  1. May be at an old age one carry a little load of the past because it is what they have left to live on with the energy they have now. To us is the past, to them is their whole life. My parents didn’t talk so much about the past, but I wish they had now, because they have left and I am always a good listener.

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