born.. reborn…

Our lovely Mr. Monkey...

Our lovely Little Monkey…

Few months back, Sis & I kept feeding one of the little monkey nearby our residential area. The little monkey was so cute and he waited for us every morning to get his favorite fruit, banana. This last for a few months.

One of the morning, we can’t locate him anymore and since that day onwards, he was forever lost and we never see him anymore.  To us, the monkey might die or might get kill.

Miss Mimi

Miss Mimi or Little Monkey? Not important, We love her dearly…

So happen, after about a month, Little Black brought Miss Mimi home. Our lovely Miss Mimi’s fur color was so similar to the little monkey. Besides, when she was gradually grow-up, we observed that her walking style is so similar to the Monkey. Moreover, My lovely mum keep saying that Miss Mimi’s tail is like the monkey’s tail. It might be coincidence. Besides, Miss Mimi seem like know us long time when she was home. She is not fear on us at all.

It made us to think about re-incarnation. Miss Mimi might be reborn from the little Monkey. She wanted to get closer with our family members. No matter who she is, we love Miss Mimi dearly and we are very sure that she has some “link or connection” with our family members. This gave us a great reminder to plant more good seeds in our life, do all good deeds and eradicated all unwholesome action, always bring happiness and refrain ourselves from bringing suffering to other’s life.

We must be very much mindful on our action, speech and thoughts. Eradicated on all unwholesome thoughts and cultivate good thoughts which bring benefits to all beings. Accumulative great merits no matter big or small. This is the “invisible assets” that help for a good “reborn” in next life.

Think about it, you can feel energy in your body. Energy can’t be destroy and create…

Why are you heading after leaving this beautiful world?

“Why are we born?
We are born so that we will not have to be born again.”
by Ajahn Chah







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