be still…

Be still! You can enjoy the peacefulness and serenity in life...

Be still! You can enjoy the peacefulness and serenity in life…

For the past few days, I worked so late in order to meet deadline of my office work. I am grateful that I am the practitioner of meditation. My mind is train to be silent, focus and mindful when I am doing my work. Most important, I learn how to be peaceful and not to be stress and worry. Always live at present moment.

One of my colleague shared with me that she was stress up for heavy workload and her mind can’t function well as though so much burden and thoughts in her mind. She can’t be at peace. The more she think, the more she is living in anxiety and stress. Occasionally, She is under panic attack and she can’t think at all.

When I listen to her sharing, it make me to understand that how much pressure and stress that we are bringing in our life. We are too worried about future and sometimes, we might totally forget to live at now. Instead of spend time, to create stories from thought after thought which most of the stories are not the true and it’s our imagination and perception, most important, all our worries and fear will never happen. Why are we wasting our precious time on all this things?

Why not be mindful in your work and you can clear out most of your pending job? Moreover, you might do it right as you are mindful.

How wonderful!

Once your mind start to create story, stop it immediately…

Enjoy the serenity no matter how busy you are.

Be still!





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