the fragrance of flowers…

Like the fragrance of flower, share it with the suffering….

Like the fragrance of flower, share selflessly with the surrounding….

I am continuously practicing to give gift that people love and appreciate the most in life. I am enjoyed very much to see their smiling faces when they receive it. A simple act can really warm and melt people.

One of my colleague, she love and enjoyed very much on pastries especially croissant. Whenever, I went out and dine-in in those cafe, who are selling nice pastries, for sure, I’ll buy some to her. This info has been “pre-programme” in my mind, I’ll automatically get the nice pastries for her. I give her with a genuine heart and nothing I want in return. I gained the most from giving as it bring tremendous happiness in my life. How wonderful!

Today, when I got into office, she called me to come to her place, to my surprise, she gave me gifts, 2 beautiful scarfs and a cotton kurti. I am truly touched not only by the gifts, more important it was from her kind thoughts.

When you are continuously giving with genuine heart, your kindness and selfless thought will inspired the people surrounding you. They are going to practice the giving soon or later. How important to start the practice from ourselves instead of expecting others to lead!

Always look inward instead of outward…




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