happy playing times with “loyal” friends…

How do you spend your weekend?

Are you spending time only for yourself?

Do you spend your quality and happy time with your pet friends?

One of my friend shared with me that ” We can spend time to do a lot things and meet up with a lot of friends, we can chit-chat and gathering… However, think about our pet friends world, They only have us, we are their world.” As such, don’t give excuses as no time to accompany and play with them. They are just like a little kiddy, they are seeking love, attention and care from us.

She further mentioned, her little dog will act in rebellion if she failed to spend time with her. The little dog will act in “crazy way” like playing with her “poo”…

During the playing times with your pet friends, you are going to enjoy the ultimate happiness. When you are seeing they are jumping here and there, the happiness is in the air. It’s like the energy boaster, it can really transform yourself from negative to positive, from positive to more positive… You are gaining the most!

Sometimes, when people shared with me that due to the reason of migration or any other reason like their kids don’t like the pet, as a result, they abandon their pet friends. Do you treat them like your own kids? Do you think you are going to abandon your own kids? or you only treat them as a “product” to bring happiness to your life? or a being without feeling & love?

Our animal friends treat us like their whole world and of course the dearly family members, they are so loyal to us. Yet, why are we betray them?

Sis and I, we treasured very much on the quality playing times with our Little Black and Miss Mimi. We are accompany the growing process of Miss Mimi from little baby to a little girl. There are so many great memories that we spend happy times together. By browsed through the photos, you can see clearly that she grown up to a “pretty lady” now…

First day of Miss Mimi in our house…. So tiny, only 700 grams!

First day of Miss Mimi in our house…. So tiny, only 700 grams!

Look at her now, just after abt 3 months plus, wow! A pretty cat lady!

Look at her now, just after abt 3 months plus, wow! A pretty cat lady! Bravo, Miss Mimi!


Don’t miss the growing process of your pet friends, all this is the precious and happy memories for you, the best ever time to celebrate life together. No regret!!!

Happy Sunday and Happy playing times with your “loyal friends”….


10 responses to “happy playing times with “loyal” friends…

  1. beautiful shot and it is good for life to have some furry friends around us. I have to black cats and soon will have another husky as my daughter love them. Have a wonderful sunday.

  2. Your posts arrive in my email where I read them with interest but as they are on my email I don’t usually go to my blog so I can hit the “Like” button or make a comment.

    To make amends, I’m commenting now that your blog posts are very uplifting and have that sense of Zen simplicity that makes them well worth reading. Thank you!

    • Happy day, thank you for your positive comment. Great you love reading, this is the best gift for me to continue writing. Have a pleasant day! Cheers!

  3. I sometimes wonder how the animals I have befriended will feel when I move on, so I enjoy my time together with them. These animals live ever in the present, ignorant of the notion that one day I will be gone from their lives.

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