laughing together…

Be ease at any moment of life, laugh together with the world surrounding...

Be ease at any moment of life, laugh together with the world surrounding…

Do you notice that whenever teacher is asking questions in the class, a lot of students will not dare to have eye contact with teacher as they are so worried to be called to answer question?

Sometimes, when we are being called to give an impromptu short speech, we might feel so stressful, our heartbeat increase, our hand might also sweating, of course, we are not at ease.

Just pay attention, you’ll notice that the voice of people who give their answers are so soft, you might hardly hear what they are trying to say.

Have you ever figure out why this situation happen?

One of the important factor is our ego, we are so worried that we are giving wrong answer and we are being the laughing-stock. We are so concern on what is the perception of others. We associated  “I”, “me” is build from the external perception. As such, we are taking good care of our “Image” to avoid any error of mistake.

Just asked yourself, Why do you need confirmation from others to know who you are?

Think about it, if you make error or mistake during your public speaking, why not just accept and laugh together with the audience? Transform your mindset, instead of focus on “embarrassment”, we can assume that we are bringing happiness and big smile to others and also ourselves? Gradually, you are going to let go your ego and live at ease. You are no longer take others perception as your main priority in life.

Enjoy your public speaking with big smiles!







2 responses to “laughing together…

  1. Fear, is my great challenge in public speaking. The fear, and the mistakes, never cease, but wisdom and skill improve from the experience.

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