Ready? To give…

How nice to see other beings are sharing on food!

How nice to see other beings are sharing on food! No fighting and enjoyed their food peacefully!

Sometimes, people might ask me, “What is your transformation after following spiritual practicing?”

My answer is simple, ” Previously, I love to do shopping for myself, to satisfy my needs and desire. I am focusing on my self and my world. Now, Whenever I go to shopping, I think about other need and buy for them. Even though, it’s a small gift yet its able to touch and warm people heart.”

How wonderful! I enjoyed and truly blessed when I see happy faces. It’s more meaningful when I give others rather than just giving everything to myself. How important to spread positive energy to other’s life! The best practice is to give without any expectation in life. You’ll discover that you are the fountain of love.

Normally, I’ll give whatever people want and appreciate the most in their life, it’s not about how expensive, most important how thoughtful. Yesterday, I bought biscuits for my colleagues. She was so touched and happy, it was nothing to do with the value of biscuit but the kind thought, it was her favorite biscuit and she can enjoy it with many way. I am truly blessed when I saw her big smile.

Besides, giving material stuffs, we can do simple things in life. This evening, I send a simple text to my friend who is in business trip and will travel back tonight,

“Sis, Have a safe journey! Om Mani Padme Hum.” She was so touched and replied,

” You are so sweet.”

How nice that a simple action can warm others heart and bring a smiling faces!

You and me, we can give little gift and do simple things based on whatever others need. Be mindful, you’ll know what other’s need.

Let’s bring love and happiness to others life.

Its all depend on you whether are you willing to take the first step to give…

The more you give, the more happiness you are going to enjoy in life.

Ready? Go!!!


4 responses to “Ready? To give…

  1. This is so beautifully written. I totally agree with you “The best practice is to give without any expectation in life” because if you give something in order to receive something it just does`t make sense to me.. When I give something like a present to someone or just a little bit of attention I make sure its with love … Thats the best way to do it. 🙂

  2. Giving to someone in need always seems more pleasurable then getting. In my opinion, giving can never be a selfless act because you always get a good feeling in return.

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