Positive transformation in your life…

We truly blessed to have little teachers in our life...

We truly blessed to have little teachers in our life…

Some of my friends saying “Wow!  You all are treating your lovely cats so well, might be better than some of us who treat their children. Amazing is all your cats are stray and they came to look for your family.”

Perhaps from whatever we see from external, it look like we treat and give them the best like the organic cat food, multivitamins for Little Black and also constantly bring them for regular checkup. Our family is consuming organic food for more than 10 years and we can actually “taste” the difference between the organic and non-organic food, we experience the benefit of it and the most important to give a chance to preserve the land from free of chemical, pesticide, leave behind something good to all beings. This is also one way to give our loving-kindness and compassion to ourselves and all beings. If more people can join us, the more land is free of pollution…

We just treat our cats like our family members with non-duality and discriminate, so we give them the food which is good for them and causing least harm to mother of earth.

When we look deeply, our lovely cats are giving more to us…They are teaching us….

How to give unconditional love with nothing in return or expectation,

How to give helping hand whenever is needed,

How to care…

How to share your happiness..

How to let go our “superiority” on other beings, they are just like us, the only different is in “Form”, “language”, “Walking pattern, 2 legs vs 4 legs”….

How to treat all beings with unconditional loving-kindness like “the mother love to their children”

We are grateful to them for guiding us in the spiritual path… As such, don’t just assume you give more in term of material stuffs, please contemplate the changes in your life after you spend your precious time with our lovely animal friends.

Observe, The positive transformation in your life….

Please give your unconditional love to all beings…

Happy Sunday!









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