The beauty of balancing act…

The beauty of balancing act...

The beauty of balancing act…

Every morning, I’ll start-up my new day with yoga practice.

I recalled, during the first time, I practiced the tree posture, I don’t even can stand still and do the right balancing. My whole body was shaking and I kept moving whereas I saw my classmate, they did it gracefully.

After many years of practice, I can stand still without shaking, I am just like a stillness tree. How bliss that mind and body can be in stillness!

It reminded me that the teaching of Buddha is on the balancing of Wisdom and Compassion. Once we lose our balancing, we are no longer on the right path, just like the shaking tree.

We might make wrong decision and follow wrong path as too emotional or too much focus on self-interest. As such, alway ensure we can balancing ourselves like scale.

It apply the same to our working and family life, be balance and enjoy the best moment in life. What will happen if imbalance? You are going to drive yourself crazy.

Enjoy the balancing act in your life!






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