Let’s be friends to everyone…

When you are making a cup of coffee, how many spoon of organic sugar are you going to put in to your coffee?

It all depend on your acceptance of sweetness.

For me, I take very less sweet. However some of us, we are sweet tooth, we love to put more sugar in our drink.

Think about it, when we are serving our guests with coffee, are you brewing the coffee based on what you love or what your guest love?

A lot of conflict and misunderstanding happen is because of whatever we are doing, we based on what “We” want and never think about what others want. We emphasized so much on “I”, “Me”, “Mine” and totally forget on “us”.

Why not we change our way of handling issues in life? Always think about others instead of only ourselves.

Just like the cup of coffee, don’t force others to follow your “sweetness”, give others a chance to choose what they love.

With this mindset, we can live harmony and peace with all beings.

It touched my heart when I saw a group of pigeons can be so close with little turtles… They can be friends even though they are in different form, language, size….

A group of pigeons can make friends with little turtles...

A group of pigeons can make friends with little turtles…

Let’s be friends to everyone, be harmony and peace with everyone…

You can! Start now!




4 responses to “Let’s be friends to everyone…

  1. Rightly said my friend… And it may only require following one simple and universal rule, the golden rule, applicable to all regardless of race and religion. 🙂

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