Where do you want to go…Heaven or hell?

Heaven or hell, all depend on you...

Heaven or hell, all depend on you…

One of my friend shared with me that whenever he is down, in depressed and demoralize, he will make a trip to hospital, to sit quietly and also observe whatever happen there. He mentioned that whenever he looked at the patient in ICU, he felt like he is so blessed that he is still alive and also can walk freely. Do whatever he love to do and also he can breathe freely without the support of life machine.

He can transform his thought from negative to positive and start to count his blessings in life.  As such, whenever you are facing turmoil in life, if you’ve the thought of committing suicide, do pay a visit to hospital and contemplate your life. You’ll know how lucky you are!

Today, I accompanied my lovely mum to hospital to do routine check-up, they are so many patients with so many types of disease, hardly to see any smiles and what I can hear clearly was crying, shouting  and screaming of children, coughing, grumbling, complaint, sad….

This is the best place to know your practice, are you losing yourself? Can you continue your practice?Are your thoughts running like wild monkey and keep following the environment? Are you in peace or are you in emotional turmoil?

The profound teaching from His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shanker, ” We create heaven and hell in our own mind. We should see how we can create a harmonious atmosphere here. Where is heaven? It is the place where there is peace, happiness and harmony, That is heaven. Hell is  a place that lacks all of this.

Whether you want to be in heaven or hell, it’s all depend on your own mind.

Where to you want to go?



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