birth & death…

Our lovely cat, Little White….

Our lovely cat, Little White….Our best blessings to you, no matter where you are now…

Our lovely cat, Little White, he was gone yet he left behind so much good memories to our family. We always talked about him for all his kind virtues and good things when he was celebrated his beautiful life, about 3 years with us. We are gratitude and blessed when we talked about him, not sadness.

Some of us, we are hard to accept when our loved one left us, we are keep crying and refuse to accept the reality in life that “There is “birth”, for sure there is “death” and this is “our package in life.” Instead of, putting ourself in deep stress, depress,despair, sad, fear when somebody is dead. Why not be gratitude and blessed for the best moment of life we’ve celebrated together?

Always contemplate on life is impermanence, continue your practice and get ready.

Just be mindful, basically the “Birth” and “Death” is happening in our daily life, take a walk in nature. You can understand well.

The healthy banana tree fall down after a storm. It happened so sudden...

The healthy banana tree fall down after a storm. It happened so sudden…Just like the dying moment, no one can predict “when” yet we must always get ready…

Look at the yellow. brown dry leaves and also the young hairy melon also dying...

Look at the yellow. brown dry leaves and also the pre-mature hairy melon also dying…

When you go for a good movie, you need to leave the theater once show over, same like when you go for a good concert, you need to say good-bye no matter how much you love the band, the singer… Are you crying loudly?

You can also watch your breathing, in and out… What a profound lesson!

As such, when somebody is dying, are you still asking “Why?”, “How can?”, “Don’t die” ….

When time to say goodbye, just let go, give all your best blessings and not only cry loudly!

Remember their kind virtues and great time spent together! Continue our sharing on loving-kindness and compassion to surrounding. This is the best way to remember our loved one who left us…








8 responses to “birth & death…

  1. Oh this resonated so deeply within me. Thanks for writing this, it’s important to live in the present moment and to hold those you love closer and treasure each moment too

  2. My 17 year old kitty died in my arms a week ago. I was heartbroken, but Buddhist thoughts about impermanence helped me get through it. He had been sick for a while but did not suffer. He was determined to use up his nine lives.

    • Excellence! You put into practice. Your kitty was truly blessed that you accompany him for the last stage of life. With metta, Li Jiun

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