talk less do more…

In life, a lot of misunderstanding happened is due to we strongly believe on what we hear, what we see without any further checking and clarification. Some of us, we would like to associate ourselves as “first to know” and immediately to share out without checking the truth of information.

How much impact you are bringing to your surrounding?

From one glance, what is in your mind?

From one glance, what is in your mind?

One day, my lovely mum shared with me that “She thought the tail from Miss Mimi was a snake. She got a shock, luckily she went to check it out and found the truth.” How important to be calm and cool when we are facing crisis in life!

Just imagine, if my mum truly believe in what she see, she might overreact, run and scream like mad.

I heard a story that a young man who need to pass by a forest in dark, he saw a snake in the middle of road. He was truly terrified and just stopped there as he was so concern that the snake will bite him and he might even die. He made a decision that he’ll wait there until the snake ran off. Unfortunately, no movement of the snake, it seems like the snake in total stillness. Until the first ray from morning sun, he found that it was not a snake, only  a string….

Most of the times, we are easily to be “trick” by our senses based on our experiences and also “information library”, and it might cause us to make wrong decision in life. Do not make a conclusion just based on what you see or what you hear, most important don’t spread it without any investigation and confirm this is the truth.

Always remember that the impact of wrong seeing and hearing from you, causing insecurity, tension, worry, stress, fear, hatred, anger to your surrounding. You are sharing “suffering” and not happiness.

Is this inline with your believe?

“Do not speak unless you can improve the silence.”

Happy weekend!










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