You need NOTHING to breathe freely

You need nothing to breathe freely!

You need nothing to breathe freely!

Recently, one of my friend shared with me that “One of her lady friend, she is so possessed with material stuffs. She just can’t sop herself from shopping. She’ll keep buying to satisfy her “want”, for sure not her need in the name of “fashionable” and keep up to follow the latest trend. She will buy the same designer bag with many different color. She’ll continue her buying habit no matter how expensive or how cheap is the product.”

How miserable that our life is keep pursuing for material wealth. Moreover, this can never satisfy and bring true happiness in life. Our life is being bind and tie by the invisible string, bring suffering and we are losing “freedom” without realization.

Miss Mimi favorite game is playing with swing string. She’ll keep chasing the string until she is able to catch it.  No matter how many times, we swing the string, Miss Mimi will continue her effort to chase the string. One of the easiest method to catch the string is to catch the people who swing it. Of course, Miss Mimi is not aware and equivalent to most of us.

Think about it, we can apply this to our life, to understand the root of problem, the inner part of ourself instead of spend all our time to chase external attachment. This can never give you satisfaction and also true happiness.

I read a profound saying, “The things you own end up owning you. It’s only when you lose everything that you are free to do anything.”

Let’s contemplate! Liberate yourself by using a big scissors to cut all your invisible strings which tie you tightly until you are not able to breathe freely!

Let go all your invisible strings!!!

Always ask yourself, “Is it life? Are you living only for material wealth?”

Enjoy fresh air and have a relaxing life!








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