Mama and Papa, we love you!!!

Recently, our family is extremely busy to take care of our lovely little beings at home.

Look at the lovely brother & sister, both also on e-collar.

Look at the lovely brother & sister, both also on e-collar.

Throughout the process of caring to both little beings, it deepen my understanding that it’s not easy task to take care of sick people. It’s a great test that evaluate on our patience, loving-kindness, compassion, selfless serving, calm, peace, willingness and others.

As we are not allowing Little Black to go out from home, we need to close all windows and also doors at home. Just imagine, how hot is our house with no fresh air circulation. How uncomfortable we are! Besides, Little Black is not used to stay at home 100%, he need freedom to be out to have a walk as his normal habit. So, he is very much “angry” and keep “meowing” aggressively.  Sometimes, he might even want to “attack” us…

Sometimes, when we accompany him to take fresh air in garden. He is so intelligent to think of way to escape. We need to stop him, sometimes we even need to shout of him and bring him home.

An interesting incident happened last night, when I “scolded” Little Black yesterday for his “misbehaved”, he also started to “Scold” me back.. My sister said “How wonderful that a human is quarreling with a small cat…” Little Black is like us, a little being in different form.

All this incident make us to be very much grateful to our parent for bringing us up since young. How many sleepless night they experienced when we are sick? How many times they need to raise their voice to us? How many times they are worry about us? How many things they need to let go in order to accompany us during growing process? Not mention, how hard to earn money to raise us? How much effort spend to take good care of us?

Just ask yourself, are you caring enough for your parent? Are you giving your selfless love like what they give to you? Are you spend quality time with your parent? Are you actually practice filial piety?

Do take some quiet time to contemplate!

Celebrate mother & father day throughout the year before it’s too late and not only by focusing on one particular day.

Say it loudly, “Mama, I love you!!! “Papa, I love you!!!”





8 responses to “Mama and Papa, we love you!!!

  1. Your little kitty friends are so beautiful and so lucky to have a loving owner who recognizes them for the amazing creatures they are. I hope both of them are feeling much better really soon!

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