Little boy and girl in e-collar…

This morning, we brought our little boy and girl to visit Vet, Miss Mimi need to remove the stitches where else for Little Black, he need to check his toe as being attacked by Big Black Cat again last week in our garden. His wound was open up again.

Lovely brother and sister in the same carrier...

Lovely brother and sister in the same carrier…

During the journey, We can sense Miss Mimi was shaking and she was terrified that we will leave her in the Vet again. Sis kept talking to her that “It’s normal check up and we’ll bring you home. No worries ya.” Even though, Little black was with her, she was still in fear.What a big impact to her life!

Our animal friends are just like us, they are worry about separation and they want love and security.

When the Vet was removing stitches on her stomach, we can clearly see that her little leg was kept shaking, she was truly fearful and also dislike in pain. We felt the same pain too.

It reminded us, not to harm our animal friends, they are just like us…Always give your unconditional love to them.

As for Little Black, to avoid him being attack again by the big Black cat, we’ve quarantine him at home. However, we are still allow him out to garden with accompany of our family members. Nowadays, in his little mind, he is full of the escape planning. He is such a good planner and intelligence being.

This incident also reminded us on how our mind working especially when we are in meditation, there are plenty of plan in our mind to escape from the still condition.

Once you are able to tame the “Wild Monkey” mind, you are going to sit still. Equivalent to Little Black, he is gradually get use of current condition…





2 responses to “Little boy and girl in e-collar…

  1. Poor things. 😦

    I think the relationship you have with them is wonderful. You understand each other so well.

    It’s great how Little Black has now become big bro to Miss Mimi. They are so blessed!!

    • Yup, when you spend time with animal friends through your sincere heart, you can actually understand and able to communicate with them. They are just like us but using difference language. There is no barrier on love. We are blessed to have both of them in our life, our little teacher.

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