respect the beauty of differentiation…

How nice is the multi color of flowers! How harmonize!

How nice is the multi color of flowers! How harmonize! Imagine, if the world only consist of one type of flower, one color of flower… How do you feel?

When we are talking about food, we can accept a variety of food like pizza, burger, dim sum, sandwiches, steamboat, Nasi lemak (Local dish), Mee goreng (Fried Mee), Roti canai, cakes, Malay food, Indian food, Chinese food, western food, Thai food, Japanese food and any other type of food. We are so willing to try and enjoy good food together.

When we are talking about fashion, we can also willingly to try out and accept new fashion like, western style, Cheong sum, Baju Kurung, shirt, t-shirt, suit, dress, grown, mini-skirt and others.

When we are talking about entertainment, music, movie, drama, our attitude also very much open and also willing to try and accept new element in life.

When we are talking about reading book, we can also accept a variety of books by international or local author.

However, there is a simple question for us to contemplate, why can’t some of us be open to accept and also respect others believe and religion?

Why are we keep pushing others to believe in what we believe?

Whatever suitable for you, might not work well for others.

Respect the beauty of differentiation, just take a walk in nature. It can deepen your understanding!

You can also see so many types of trees, flowers, animals and others. Life is full of varieties!

As such, accept, respect and love each others despite of difference believe.

Always remember, we are living together in this beautiful earth, inhale same air, drinking same water, enjoying warm sun together, our blood is red… Shine your love, bring happiness, calm and peace to your surrounding irrelevant of difference believe and religion.

Let’s work together to build a pure land here and now!





2 responses to “respect the beauty of differentiation…

  1. Very nice and interesting article! 🙂
    I respect others who belong to various religions, but (oftentimes) such people (even though they say otherwise) don’t really respect those of religions other than their own. It’s weird. For instance, some Christians, even though they learned to “not kill” have been in many wars concerning battling other religions. There have been innumerable wars throughout history over religious differences. Though I am certain that God exists, I do not belong to any organised religion. A lot of people think that God favors their religion or country… while, all the while, there is a strong possibility that God has nothing to do with what was organized or fabricated by the mind of man.

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