Get well, Miss Mimi…

Recently, Miss Mimi was home after the spayed operation. She was so weak and lost of energy.

Look at the wound of operation...

Look at the wound of operation…

Initially, she spent most of her time on sleeping to regain her energy. The next day, after she got home,  she started to take her food. Our family members spend a lot times to take care of her, to cleanse up her “little bungalow”, “cat litter box”, to refill water, tidy up her “bedsheet”, to ensure she can speed up her recovery and also free herself from any infection.

Look at her " Little Bungalow"… so clean and tidy like 5 star hotel...

Look at her ” Little Bungalow”… so clean and tidy like 5 star hotel…

We are truly happy to see her recovery process, she is improving day by day…What a great relieve!

Thanks to Miss Mimi as we get opportunity to serve and to love more. The more we take care of Miss Mimi, the more we felt gratitude our mum who take good care of us since young. “Mama, we love you.”

A lot of people love to ask us, “Is it cruel to spay or neuter a cat?”

My answer is simple, ” Are you able to take care of all kittens? Which method is the least harm to do?”

In general, a fertile cat can produce 3 litters in a year. The average kittens in a fertile litter is 4-6.

Imagine, in 7 years, how many kittens can a female cat and her offspring produce?

The answer is SHOCKING!

420,000 cats.

Are you able to find them a home? A lot of kittens end up as stray cat and die young, might hit by a car, by die from malnutrition…

Just ask yourself, which is the least harm method?

You know the best answer!

Make the right decision!







11 responses to “Get well, Miss Mimi…

  1. Get well soon Miss Mimi.
    Both my two kitties, Mr Nemo and Miss Kiki, are neutered and they are happy and healthy.

  2. Excellent that you spayed Mimi 🙂 And she will go from strength to strength now 🙂
    I know she hates it – but such a cute ‘bucket’ on her head, compared to the massive thing my dogs have to wear! 🙂

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