Lively essay…

Everyday is a new learning day and Everything is teaching us in life.

I went to have coffee with my friend. We’ve ordered coffee and of course the best combination with coffee is a nice dessert. As such, we checked with the waitress, “What was the best and popular dessert?” She replied, “The signature dessert was Chocolate volcano and the waiting time was 15 minutes.” Of course, we trusted with her recommendation and waited patiently for our yummy dessert.

So beautiful and look yummy too!

So beautiful and look yummy too!

My friend took her first bite and there was no sign of soft, silky river of chocolate. I kept motivating her that “No worries, take another bite, you’ll definitely get the chocolate lava. Of course, she took second bite, yet nothing happen. I asked her, ” Let’s take the third bite and for sure, there was chocolate lava in the centre.”

However, there was no sign of the chocolate lava and we asked the waitress, ” Just wonder, is it the chocolate volcano? Why no chocolate lava?” She answered us, ” Might be overcooked.” Later, her supervisor came to us and asked, ” What’s wrong with the cake?” We mentioned to him on our expectation of Chocolate volcanoes and he asked us, ” You want more chocolate?” We answered, ” Yes, of course.”

This is what they serve us, a total new version of Chocolate volcanoes… Bravo!

This was what they served us, a total new creation of Chocolate volcano, the chocolate lava is all over the place… Bravo!

My friend and I stunned when we looked at this new creation of Chocolate Volcano. The waiter kept mentioned, “We served this as per your request.” We are speechless and just laughing all the way. It’s seriously out of our expectation and never ever happen before. Out of courtesy, we’ve accepted this new creation of dessert.

This is a great lesson to learn in life, We might assume people can understand what we want, people might nod and said Yes, however, they might deliver something totally different from what we want. As such, we need to enhance our communication with others and never assume people will understand us well.

We love to set expectation, if we can’t meet our expectation, we might stick ourselves in negative emotion like unhappy, depress, angry, disappointed….Think about it, who is causing negative emotion in your life? Obviously, you YOURSELF!

When things go well or go wrong,  just accept it. Why not just laugh when things go wrong instead of crying?

One more thing, do question when you are not sure, find out the truth in life.

We are truly grateful for the new creation of chocolate volcano, as it bring so much happiness and unforgettable lesson in life. Instead of turn to negativity, we are laughing and HAPPY. It’s the best JOKE  and good lesson in life!

It reminded us on the profound teaching of Master Cheng Yen,

” Every single day is like a blank page of our life.

Every person we meet, every event we participate in is a lively essay.”





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