start your journey early…

Don't procrastination in your practice, you might miss your chance in this life. Grab and walk the path!

Don’t procrastination in your practice, you might miss your chance in this life. Grab and walk the path! You will see a difference in your life!

Sometimes, when we shared people why not start your spiritual practice now, people will share with us that

“They are so busy”,

” Can’t even spend any time, in reality they might spend a lot times to pamper their senses…”,

” Oh.. Spiritual practice is meant for elderly people…”

” I am so young, there is a long journey to go, Now. I need to focus on gaining wealth, power, fame…”…. Full of excuses…

When people is not ready, we are not going to “force” them as this might causing negative impression and stop their quest in spiritual journey later.

In reality, how important to walk the path now as it can help us to relieve suffering and to transform our mind when we are facing challenges in life. Recently, I am facing a lot of challenges, superb busy in working life as taking over new portfolio, my car broke down and need to repair for about a month, our lovely cat, Little black was injured, need to bring him to cleanse his wound daily, luckily recovered. And 2 days ago, we brought Miss Mimi to have spayed operation as Little Black wanted so much to mate with his young sister.

Initially, the operation is schedule in Middle of May, however to avoid more kittens at home, immediately we’ve changed our plan.

I am blessed that I’ve started the spiritual practice and walk the path diligently. I can accept all things happen in life as I understood “Impermanence of life”. If you only able to accept good things and reject bad things happen, you are actually creating suffering to your life. No matter good or bad, just accept it with open heart, everything will pass.

Even though, I need to go through a lot challenges in life, my body is tired and yet my mind is “strong”. We can revitalize our body through rest, it’s easy when our mind is healthy. I am truly grateful for the teaching of Buddha, if not, I might collapsed physically and mentally.

As such, treasure the opportunity that you can start your practice as early as possible. Your biggest gain in life. It help you to live beautifully and of course be a better people who bring happiness, peace and calm to surrounding.

“Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom.” By Buddha



2 responses to “start your journey early…

  1. I feel I have learned these lessons but I struggle to remember them when the bad times come. I rarely get angry or upset but sometimes I fail and realize I am overreacting and try to put the brakes on too late.

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