charming smile…

Let's our smile like warm sun which can melt the ice...

Let’s our smile like warm sun which can melt the ice mountain…Photo courtesy from sis Chew

How do you react when you see people are smiling to you?

Are you pretend like don’t know? Are you associate with negative energy?

Of course, not… You are going to give your charming smile back.

A smile, not even cause a single cent to you yet can help you to break barrier of human relationship. You feel so warm and happy when people are smiling to you. It’s like warm sun gradually melting ice.

I love to share my positive energy with people around and of course my charming smile to whoever I am meeting. I give my smiles to anyone irrelevant of their ranking or status. When you are able to greet or give your smiles to cleaner or security guard, they felt appreciated. Why not just give your big smile to others?

Today, I went to the service workshop with my friend, to understand the condition of my car and most important to appeal for a loan car to solve my challenges to work. I never blame or scold the service manager, just share my challenges to go to work and of course I keep my smiling face even though we are discussing a hot topic. The service manager explained nicely on my car condition and also he promised to get me a loan car by next week. How wonderful! Be peace, calm and keep smiling no matter how much challenges you are facing in life.

Once you smile, you are associate yourself with positive energy, you can feel that your burden drop half from your shoulder. An easy way to relax yourself!

People is tend to get closer with people who are keep smiling and distance themselves from people who are easily to get angry.

If you want to be friend to everyone, remember to SMILE. Cheers!


6 responses to “charming smile…

  1. Such heartwarming words. If someone doesn’t have a smile, I always give them one of mine 🙂 Gorgeous shot! Thank you for the beautiful writing and good luck with your car!

  2. Excellent stuff! 🙂
    When our car broke down recently (due to the dealer’s mistake) I didn’t get angry (and kept a smiling face), even though they twisted the truth about why things went so wrong; and, which was great on their part, they put another engine in at no charge. I know, though, that car mechanical problems can be frustrating, especially when you need your vehicle to get to work and such!

  3. Thich Nhat Hanh said that he enjoyed seeing a smiling face in the crowd while he gave a talk, because a smile was the mark of a person who was living in the present moment, and that kind of awareness was contagious and full of warmth and peace. It’s a type of feeling that’s easy for others to understand and feel if it’s given genuinely. It’s definitely something to stay mindful of when obstacles arise, like your car example. This was a very lovely and especially well put article. I love your perspective.

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