Transform your thinking, treat whatever happen in life is the best arrangement! Be positive!

Transform your thinking, treat whatever happen in life is the best arrangement! Be positive!

A lot of us, when we are in monasteries and we work as a volunteer, we’ve tendency and also habit to judge and evaluate people based on our assumption that how others must behave. We might assume that long-term volunteer should be “perfect”, they shouldn’t have “anger”, “disappointment”, “calculation”, “jealousy”, “Greed”… and others unwholesome action. We are just living in our ideal world and we are so focused to external instead of looking inward when we are in monasteries. It’s the best place that allow us to understand ourself better.

Don’t ever make assumption, you might know the people for a short while, he or she might already gradually transform from past, he or she might be a better people compare to the past and of course, don’t ever expect a perfect people. We are still following the path and keep learning.

There is no need for you to do comparison or compete with others, there is meaningless to find fault in others. Most important, to look inward, to understand yourself better, always ask yourself, “Are you more peace and calm after following the path?”, “Are you doing things only self benefit or benefit others?” ” Are you smiling frequently?”

Last weekend, My car was shaking while I am driving or in idle condition. The signal light on. Sis and I decided, we drove our car home with slow speed. This is the best practice time in life! We are in peace and calm even though the car condition was not positive. We believed that we can reach home safely. Just imagine, if the car was stopped suddenly in the journey, we might cause accident and also cause injury to ourself and others. How important to keep our mind in peace and calm no matter how much challenges we are facing in life.

Yesterday, I contacted the Roadside assistance and got my car tow to nearest service centre. This morning, the service supervisor contacted me and mentioned that they might need about 1 month to repair my car. I accepted the news with calm and just make one request that “I need to borrow a loan car to settle my transportation to work.” I never scold the supervisor and humbly to voice out my request.

Of course, there is still no confirmation at this moment and I’ll definitely follow-up with my request.

This incident cause a major inconvenience in my life as my sister need to fetch me to office and also pick me after office. However, both of us treat this as a “test” to see how is our progress in spiritual path.

“No matter what happen in this moment of life, always believe that this is the best arrangement.” Accept, move on and let go!

Only you know your progress in your path! Appreciate good or bad things happen in your life.

Smile always!



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  1. Very insightful article! 🙂
    People have their reasons for the way the react… and it’s good not to mechanically judge!
    We had plenty of car trouble too! My car engine seized (came grinding to a halt) after the car dealership did an oil change. They probably forgot to put the oil cap on properly. So the car engine heated up like wildfire on the way home! They made excuses and said it was something that I know did not cause the problem. But they offered to replace the engine. We were polite and treated them with kindness. (Before all this happened, I had a premonition that something would happen with the car after the oil change… but I dismissed the premonition.)
    Thank you for this splendid article! 🙂

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